How to Stand Out in an Interview – Be a red duck!

Unfortunately, these days there is enormous competition for far fewer jobs and you need new ways to distinguish yourself from the sea of applicants. You can’t expect to get job interviews and job offers solely using traditional tools and tactics; it’s just not enough. And if you are not using new techniques, then you will definitely be left behind. Today’s modern world requires a modern approach.

After many years of helping elite performers advance their careers, and comparing those leaders to other people who never reach their goals, I’ve realized something: underneath it all, everyone is gifted or unique in some way, but those gifts are often buried under layers of fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty and often job seekers don’t know know how to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Just as rubber ducks pretty much only come in yellow, job seekers pretty much all seem to be the same, boring shade.

My methods teach you, step-by-step how to reveal your inner red and stand out in a sea of yellow!

Red Duck Interviewing (previously Ace Your Interview) Coming Soon!

How exactly do you prepare so you get more job interviews, and ultimately more job offers? There are four key elements to the powerful red duck strategy to ace your interview.

Element #1: Project a Powerful Online Image

First, in today’s market you must have an active professional online presence and powerful personal brand. This allows hiring managers and recruiters to actively seek you out, or at least creates an extremely positive first impression. In this book I give you detailed steps to develop a professional online presence that gets you noticed- in the right way!

Element #2: Enhance Your Persuasive Power

Next, you need to research. Today it’s not enough to briefly review the company website. If you want to set yourself apart, you have to really dig deep. Then you apply what you’ve learned to your own experiences. To help you be the most persuasive for each interview, I developed a matching method to help you identify and define your success stories and then match them to each specific position. I will teach you this detailed preparation process, so you can effectively choose and share the most important abilities, experiences, and traits from the perspective of the potential employers—the ones they will find most valuable and persuasive.

Element #3: Communicate in a Clear, Concise, and Compelling Manner

Once you’ve determined what the potential employer needs to know about you, you need to communicate your skills and accomplishments in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. I will go over the most common questions, and even uncommon ones, to teach you how to apply your carefully chosen persuasive accomplishments to any question the interviewer asks.

Element #4: Exude Humble Confidence

Finally, you have to exude a humble confidence for your in-person interviews. I will go over tips and techniques backed by science-based research to help you project a confident, positively persuasive impression on the phone, on Skype, and in person.

These four elements are the framework for the modern strategy to unleash your unique value and set you apart from the competition. When implemented successfully, these step-by-step instructions will not just make you a good choice, they will make you the ONLY choice for the position. These techniques allow you to reveal your inner red duck and shine bright red, so that you stand out in a sea of yellow.

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Worldwide Rave Reviews:


“In her sensible, focused and friendly manner that is so familiar to listeners of the podcast Quick and Dirty Tips for Public Speakers, (one of my favorites!) Lisa B. Marshall motivates you and explains the steps you need to get the job you want. What makes her advice stand head-and-shoulders above others in her field is that she outlines how you can create and strengthen your “personal brand” and turn Internet searches and social media sites to your own advantage. She shows you exactly how to practice, so you can come off as the confident expert who is the perfect fit for the job.”
| Joanne Ritter,
Dir. of Marketing and Comm.,
Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, California

“I highly recommend Lisa B. Marshall’s book. I am extremely happy to report that Lisa’s advice about interviewing has paid off BIG TIME for my family. My daughter recently graduated from college. My daughter listened intently to Lisa’s advice, put it into practice and had an interview via Skype and was hired as a News Reporter for KPVI in Idaho. Lisa’s recommendations on phone interviews were especially helpful to get my daughter hired. Additionally, I put into practice many of the suggestions she gave on preparing for an interview, many of which are priceless. I was recently interviewed for a promotion at my workplace and I to got the job! It was a unanimous decision across the interview panel that I should be hired, which is very unusual. I attribute much of that success to Lisa’s book that truly helped my daughter and I get our dream jobs. Her advice works! I highly recommend it!”
| Shaun Zimmerman,
IT Desktop Support Supervisor at Missouri Dept. of Conservation

“Lisa B. Marshall has assembled a detailed and useful plan that will make anyone a MUCH better interviewer. She has left no stone unturned in her mission to provide the listeners a step-by-step program that is guaranteed to unlock the greatest mysteries in searching for a job. Her plan includes using social network sites as a real tool to market yourself electronically. In addition, her organization skills are evident as she combines PAAQ’s and “Ex” factors in a comprehensive approach to making you a much more formidable candidate for any position.”
| John Contrevo,
CFO at Develcom, Bellmawr, NJ, USA

“This short book provides more homework than any other audiobook I’ve enjoyed – and I’ve listened to hundreds. Lisa B. Marshall’s insightful, tight, and well delivered book gives points novices or experts will readily want to implement. Her admonitions range from the simple, e.g., discussing the importance of smiling, to the complex, e.g., creating a cross-referenced database of accomplishments as they relate to job description components.
She offers practical, actionable to-do items – and plenty of them. Many of the techniques for acing a phone interview are apparent in the author’s reading. Many times you can see her gestures or smiles in the way she projects her voice. It’s as if she were in the room with the listener, driving home her points. Thanks for a valuable contribution to my library!”
| Ken Flowe, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, Person Memorial Hospital, Roxboro, NC

“Although I have read many book on interviewing skills, this one is filled with practical tips, advice and links directly to the modern trends. This audiobook is essential for job seekers and job givers. Some of the ideas are just common sense yet it is amazing how many people overlook the obvious; Lisa’s witty sense of humor made it exciting, engaging and most importantly memorable. Considering the brevity of the advice, this book will save you time and facilitate your next career move.”
| Syed. S. Quadri,
Advertising Acct Director, Connect Marketing Solutions,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


“I just wanted to thank you very much on your audio book. It helped me secure my job and I still use the tips in my meetings. Great work and outstanding ‘to the point’ guidelines.”
| Osama Alyousif
Cultural Attaché, Consulate General of the State of Kuwait

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