Be the Speaker You’ve Always Wanted to Be

30+ hours of intensive web-based training including:


10 Proven Methods of Overcoming Speaker’s Anxiety

How to Make Amazing Slides Fast

14 Techniques for being a Great Guest Speaker

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Create a Memorable and Interesting Presentation

How to Efficiently Prepare and Never Run-over  Your Time

How to Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes Most People Make with Eye Contact

How to Take Your Slides from Mediocre to Memorable (Powerpoint Makeovers)

How to Increase Audience Interaction and Engagement

How to Use The Rule of Three

6 Unique Ways To Start and End a Presentation

How to Incorporate Gestures

How to Eliminate “um”, “er” and “uh” from your Speech (and why you may not want to!)

How to Create and Use Notes Effectively

Learn Professional Graphics Secrets to Create Visually Appealing Slides

How to Make Better Graphs, Tables, and Charts

How to Create  “Headline” Titles and “Takeaways

4 Tips To Increase Audience Interaction and Engagement

How to Incorporate and Tell Stories that Make You More Memorable and Persuasive

How to Make People Laugh

How to Avoid Humor Mistakes

How to Improve Your Diction

How to Warm-up Your Voice

How to Create Vocal Variety

How to use a Microphone Effectively

5 Ways to Introduce Yourself and Your Work at School, in a Meeting, or before a presentation

and much much more! (Course Outline)

 Most importantly it guides you on how to try out these new skills
and gives you a way to get valuable honest feedback. 


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The Details

Q.  How exactly does it work?

A.  The course content is delivered to your personal course homepage over the course of 8 weeks.  In total it’s over 30 hours of training delivered at a pace that is both manageable and effective.  You can choose to follow along as the content is delivered to you, or you can choose to wait until all the content is in your account and review the materials in any sequence you desire.

Q.  How long do I have access to the training?

A.  This special offer allows you access to the course materials forever.  You can use them at any time to update and refresh you skills.

Q.  What format are the materials?

A.  The current version of the course includes 8  modules of text content and exercises which require you to respond with text, audio, and video.  In addition,  you can supplement this course with live group coaching or private one-on-one coaching which also incorporates video and audio practice exercises to sharpen your skills.

Q.  Do I have to start the course at a particular time?

A.  Once you sign up the course “begins.”  This means the course content will immediately begin “dripping” into your account and at the end of 8 weeks you will have all of the content in your account.  You will receive emails that guide you through the course materials. However, you choose when and how often you want to consume and interact with the content–it’s completely up to you.