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30+ Hours of Web-based Anytime, Anywhere Training

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Here’s what you learn in the Expert Presenter web-based training course:

How to introduce yourself and your work 

How to create incredible impromptus responses 

The difference between creating a scientific paper and delivering a science presentation

9 different ways to effectively gain attention at the start of a presentation

How to organize your science so it tells the right story

How to efficiently prepare for a presentation

How to ensure that you never run over time 

How to make effective transitions between your points and your slides 

How to incorporate and tell stories that make your work more memorable

How to incorporate gestures

How to connect with eye contact and the 3 big mistakes most people make 

How to eliminate um, er and uh from your speech 

How to create and use notes effectively 

How to design slides so that they are accurate and visually appealing slides

How to make better graphs, tables, and charts

How to create headline titles and takeaways

and much, much, more! 

Most importantly it guides you on how to try out these new skills and gives you a way to get valuable honest feedback.

High-quality training for Science Professionals

  • Web delivered workshop exclusively for Science Professionals
  • The course begins when you register and course materials “drips” to you over a period of 49 days (materials become available on the member-home page over time)
  • Email guides you through the intensive materials
  • You’ll have reading, listening, and exercise activities to complete for each module
  • You can complete at your own pace while the course is active
  • You can read the comments of others and post your own questions and comments
  • Money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
    (No one has ever asked for a refund and that is a testament to the quality of the training.)
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There is no greater secret weapon in science than to know how to engage and persuade people. In a nutshell, this is what you will learn in the Expert Presenter workshop.  – Lisa B. Marshall

Dear Scientific Presenter,

Not only is public speaking one of the most important skills you can develop, but it is also the skill that is likely to have the biggest overall impact in your career. Enhancing your communication skills is the single most important developmental investment you can make.

There is no doubt that clear, concise, compelling communicators have more professional (and personal) success.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Compare the time you typically invest in writing a paper for publication versus the time you typically spend preparing for talk. If you are like most, when writing you spend countless hours reviewing and revising. You engage many others in the process.

Many people spend significantly less time preparing for talk. Some people even “wing it”…can you imagine if you did that for a publication? However, you need to spend similar (if not more) time developing your oral communication skills. You should be spending at least as much time preparing and practicing for your talks.

Think about it; often the first time your work is shared publicly is via a talk or poster presentation. It is critically important to dedicate time and effort to developing your presentation skills. Effective public speaking is important; perhaps more important than written communication. Like written scientific communication it requires time, specialized skill, and effort to develop and improve. Of course, having the help of an expert coach will help for you to make quick improvements.

What to Expect

Think of the expert presenter training as a verbal gymnasium; a place to learn, to try exercises and and to practice new skills. You are going to be working out old presentation skills muscles, and developing new ones. This training lays a foundation for future development and is just a step in your communication skills professional development process. With time and practice, you will continue to improve, develop and become better and better (and more comfortable) with the fundamental skills you will learn.

Be Passionate

Effective presentation skills are priceless to a scientist. For a successful scientific career you must have the ability to convince others of the value, significance, and impact of your ideas. This workshop gives you the tools to communicate in a compelling, self-confident, and effective manner.

Are you ready to get started?

The Training Method

This Expert Presenter course provides your educational foundation through tips, techniques, and practice exercises. This verbal gymnasium is where you will develop and practice your new skills.

If you want to speed your development process it is helpful to read and review all of the materials a few times (not just once). It also helps to actively participate in the exercises. The material is organized into modules and units and takes approximately 48 days for all materials to be delivered to your member account.

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Here’s what’s in the course.

Getting Started: Your “warm-up” exercises

Day 1: Introducing yourself and your work
Day 2: Creating incredible impromptus

Module One: Overview of the basics of speaking in public

Day 3: Understanding the fundamentals
Day 4: Looking cool and comfortable
Day 5: Distilling your data to a key message
Day 7: Sharing your passion

Module Two: How to develop your message

Day 10: Efficient speech presentation
Day 13: Organizing questions
Day 16: Gaining attention from the start
Day 19: Interesting talk openings
Day 21: Please don’t “give a paper”

Module Three: How to build a better body

Day 23: Scientific storytelling
Day 26: Making effective transitions
Day 29: Meeting time limits

Module Four: How to have a dynamic delivery

Day 32: Don’t use notes
Day 35: Eliminating “um”, “er”, and “uh” from your vocabulary
Day 38: Making the connection through eye contact
Day 41: Using and incorporating gestures

Module Five: How to developing efficient, clear slides

Day 43: Headline titles and takeaways
Day 45: Making better tables, charts, and graphs
Day 47: Slide design rules

Module Six: Bringing it all together

Day 48: Post a link to your final presentation here!

Day 49: Completion certificate and special bonus!

Wow! This is a tremendous volume of content…do I need to do it all?

You decide your pace and level of interactivity. To be very clear, there are many details, assignments, and follow-up links here in the expert presenter gym. You decide how much you want to interact, but keep in mind the more time you can invest in this training the more value you will receive from the training.

Your success is my business,

Team Lisa B. Marshall

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