Influence Trumps Formal Power

Strong persuasion and influence skills are critical to success as a leader. You need the ability to sway the undecided and convert opponents. You need the ability to authentically bring others to your way of thinking without force or coercion. Strong influence and persuasion skills are how you advance and achieve your goals. This program covers:

  • What influence is and how it is different from manipulation
  • The research behind the six primary social and psychological principles of influence that are based on thousands of tactics of successful persuaders
  • Practical strategies for using these principles of influence in both persuasive conversations and persuasive presentations
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What others have to say:


“A smart resource for real-life scenarios, Lisa teaches you easy ways to have confidence and conviction behind your words.”
—Tracy Davidson, anchor/consumer watch reporter NBC10 News Philadelphia

“If you want to build your circle of influence, it’s critical that you master effective communication skills. Lisa helps you navigate a variety of situations so you can build better relationships, grow your business, and create your own success.”

—Ali Brown, entrepreneur mentor and CEO of Ali International
Very useful advice. Lisa told us about some of the research that has been done on what techniques are most effective for getting your point across…
—Researcher, Genentech, Inc. 
This entire session was VERY, very useful for me…everything today was new, unique and exceedingly helpful…
—S. Harris, Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center
Lisa’s presentation was the best I have seen – without a doubt. Her style is humorous without being flippant, insightful without being pedantic. She’s a real pro on this subject…
—Peter Fiske, Author / Lecturer
 “The most valuable people in business and life are those who can effectively communicate ideas that move others to action. Lisa B. Marshall nails it head on…”
—Jeb Blount, CEO of and author of People Buy You

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Who is Lisa?

Communication expert Lisa B. Marshall ( delivers consulting and workshops, is author of Smart Talk and Ace Your Interview, and also host of the Public Speaker and Smart Talk podcasts. Clients include Johns Hopkins Medicine, Managers Investment Group, Genentech, Roche, Harvard University, and others. She’s been featured in CBS Money Watch,, Cosmopolitan, and more.