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  1. Glenda
    6 years ago

    I am trying to cancel your newsletter. It automatically prints everyday from my printer by mistake.


    • lisabmarshall
      6 years ago


      Thanks for contacting us and describing what has been happening with your printer. Both HP and I apologize for any issue you are having.

      What has been printing on your printer is an HP scheduled delivery application (not a fax) which ONLY prints if options were selected directly from the front panel of your printer. Someone may have accidentally subscribed to Smart Talk (Communication Success) on your printer.

      It is a setting on your printer that you need to change. I do not have any list or information about you or your printer.

      You can use the following steps to “pause” (or stop) the scheduled print jobs (or follow the instructions listed at the bottom of every printed page).

      1. On the product control panel, go to the Apps menu.

      2. Review the list of available Print Apps, and then select the Communication Success or any application you want to pause.

      3. Once the App is open, select Pause from the available options. This will stop the subscription of print jobs after the next scheduled delivery; that means one more print is likely.

      To learn about more options please visit (then choose your country) or if you don’t have internet access in North American you can call HP Customer Support at 1-855-785-2777.

      Rest assured, we would never spam anyone with unwanted content. We are hopeful that the above steps will quickly resolve your issue.

      Thanks again for contacting us.

      Lisa and team

  2. Ken F
    4 years ago

    How do I add a mugshot?

  3. Margareta Bjorkegren
    2 years ago

    I appreciate the 21 day free course for Toastmasters members. Thank you !

    • Ariana Velasquez
      2 years ago

      We’re glad you’re benefiting from it!

  4. Thomas Ferraro
    2 years ago


    I am a member of Toastmasters in Cleveland Ohio and I read your article in Toastmaster Magazine and I am interested in your free mini course 21 days to improve your vocal power. How to I go about doing this.