Vocal Power: Speaking with Confidence, Clarity, and Conviction

Do you like the sound of your voice?  Would you like a stronger, more attractive tone? Do you want to be taken more seriously, treated with greater respect, or interrupted less?

Research confirms that in a blink of eye, you are being judged and your voice contributes significantly to that critical first impression. People instantly decide if you are credible or clueless. Assertive or compliant. Strong or weak. They also decide if you are trustworthy or not. Likable or not. Confident or not!

As a business leader, entrepreneur, lawyer, or speaker your voice is critical to your success. Overtime you may have picked up bad habits that keep you from stepping into the full power of your voice. But, if you know how to use and regulate your voice, you can get anything you want. Your voice allows you to control the room. It makes people like you and establishes you as an authority. When you speak with confidence, people listen.

A powerful voice attracts others and make them instantly engage with you. Your voice helps you close deals, get funded, land your dream job. Your voice influences how others treat you (as a superior, an equal or inferior). Your voice has the power to touch people’s emotions and bring your messages to life.

Whether your goal is to speak more clearly or sound more powerful in your professional and personal life, this course is for you. This is the definitive source for insights and practical exercises to help you use your voice to close more deals, get a promotion, and have better relationships.

Change your voice; change your life

Lisa B. Marshall

I have worked as communication coach for entrepreneurs and senior executives for over 15 years and I have witnessed amazing transformations. I have watched clients with determination and courage allow themselves to try new approaches, to stretch beyond what makes them comfortable, and make real changes to become a person with greater influence and impact. In fact, it’s the most rewarding part of my work.

If have a desire to make a difference in this world and you are willing to learn to listen to yourself, to get feedback, to stretch out of your comfort zone, then this course is for you!

Monalisa Hota

The course you have created is very valuable, backed by science and great examples. I am truly impressed that this course was so hands-on and activity oriented. The pace of the course was just right and so were the tips on breathing, singing and tongue twisters. They are all very useful (I had no idea!! )

I am so glad that I know so much more about my voice! I do feel the difference and I would have never known what I know now, thanks to you.  I would certainly recommend this course to others! I hope more people benefit from it. I enjoyed it very much!   – Monalisa Hota, Social Researcher

Saeid Mousavi

Lisa’s Vocal Power course gives you the knowledge and tools to analyze your starting vocal baseline. Then she offers insights and tips on how to improve in areas of weaknesses such as volume, pitch and clarity. As Lisa states, our speech habits have been shaped through a lifetime of abuse. It may take a few months to bring it into its full vocal potential but when you have Lisa’s roadmap, you are in good hands.

I’m focusing on clarity, volume and intonation and am already seeing great results. This course makes a difference in such an important aspect of our lives! – Saeid Mousavi, Software Engineer

Although this course is new, we’ve already had over 300 people from around the globe develop their vocal power using our materials. So far the feedback has been fabulous, but our goal is to make the course even stronger and even more more valuable. Once the full course launches (in a few months) it will start at $99 and eventually rise to over $1,000.

I want to provide a special offer to my most loyal readers–the kind of people that are committed enough to sign up for a course that’s still being developed, and are serious about taking action to develop their Vocal Power.

What’s New This Time Around?

  • You’ll have a full 365 days — a full year–of access to all of the information including the interactive exercises and activities.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to get live one-on-one coaching via a live webinar.
  • You’ll receive a private evaluation of your voice from Lisa B. Marshall and team.
  • We’ll be adding more articles, video, and audio throughout the coming year.

If you are interested at all in this course, now is a good time to take action. The price will never be this low again!

We’ve spent over 100 hours creating the Vocal Power course to show you the exact steps, processes, and shortcuts you can use to develop your vocal power and get the recognition you deserve.

If you’d like to sign up and start working together now, just sign up below. I look forward to collaborating so that you communicate your charisma and speak with vocal power.

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